Dr. Huberman

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Tips for Better Sleep

Want to sleep better? Start making it a priority rather than an afterthought. We are all familiar with the expression, “Put the kids to bed.” Why not the grown-ups too? We understand the need to make sleep a ritual in order for our children to develop good sleep habits. However, many adults think of sleep

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Managing Your Weight: Practice Mindful Eating

There has been a great deal of talk about this concept of “mindfulness.” What does mindfulness mean? Quite simply, mindfulness refers to a state of mind where you are “fully present in the moment.” In order to make any behavior change, mindfulness is crucial. Why? How can you possibly change your behavior if you’re not

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How to Relax

Want to relax? Start uni-tasking. Don’t recognize that word? That’s because it’s a lost art—the art of doing one thing at a time. In an age when we have created lifestyles that necessitate doing five things at once, it seems that we’ve lost the ability to do just one. As a result, we can’t relax.

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