Therapy & Consultation

Psychological Services

Dr. Huberman provides a full suite of psychological services, including individual and group psychotherapy, psychological assessment, as well as executive and management performance consultation.

Book by Dr. Huberman

Through Thick & Thin

Join Dr. Huberman as he navigates the many complex emotional issues related to weight loss surgery. Told with humor and wit in a warm conversational style, this is the perfect manual to guide you through the decisions and challenges surrounding bariatric surgery.

Companies & Organizations

Executive Consultation

Dr. Huberman helps organizations and companies discover, liberate and develop the hidden potential of its top executives, senior managers, and professionals. The goal is to enhance the productivity of an organization’s leaders, to ensure that each individual is delivering real value and deriving full satisfaction from participating in the enterprise.

Readings by Dr. Huberman

Recent Articles

Dr. Huberman has written many articles dedicated to providing education, guidance & support for anyone struggling with obesity or maintaining a healthy weight.

Helpful Insight

Tips for Life

Dr. Huberman created a set of tips that you might find helpful as you navigate the day-to-day emotional challenges of life.